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Lindsey’s Top Tokyo Bars

Buttons up and Kanpai, betches ✌️

You know what pairs great with sushi? Sake (and also whisky, and yuzu cocktails, and all the other deliciousness that you will drink in this epic party city!!) 

Buttons up and Kanpai, betches ✌️

Tokyo Whisky Library

Minamiaoyama; 5 Chome−5−24

I’ve always wanted to be that cool girl who likes Whisky — and thanks to Tokyo Whisky Library, I AM HER! With over one  thousand rare whiskies from across the globe, epic seasonal cocktails, and a super vibey atmosphere, this is the perfect spot to dive into the fascinating world of whisky – whether you're a pro or just getting started (like me!) 

Memento Mori

Toranomon; 1 Chome−17−1

This place is a VIBE with a unique collection of spirits and a seriously cool atmosphere. It’s a place where every sip is a toast to life's impermanence – it's a must-visit for anyone looking to mix drinks with a dash of existential flair.

The Bar Casablanca Ginza

Ginza; 7 Chome−2−8

This spot in the heart of Ginza is a gin lover's dream, boasting an incredible selection that'll make your head spin (after three, that is).  It's got that perfect combo of classic cool and Casablanca charm – the ultimate spot to sip, chat, and soak in the gin-soaked good times. 

Bar Musashi

Ginza; 8 Chome−10−7 

Get ready to groove at Bar Musashi – the ultimate spot for good times in Tokyo. With vibes as smooth as a well-crafted katana, this place is a haven for those who know how to appreciate a killer drink.

Orchard Ginza

Ginza; 6 Chome−5−16

Orchard has an unconventional approach – no menus here. Instead, the talented bartenders craft personalized drinks based on your fruit preferences. With only two awesome bartenders, the atmosphere is not just lively but also friendly. While it may be a bit on the pricier side, comparable to other Ginza bars, the uniqueness of Orchard Ginza shines through.

High Five

Ginza; 5 Chome−4−15

No menu and the bartenders are like cocktail wizards, whipping up drinks tailored just for you. With a vibe that's electric and drinks that are pure liquid joy — High Five turns every night into an intimate and unforgettable adventure. 

Mori Bar Gran

Ginza; 6 Chome−12−12

An elegant bar where the martinis are a work of art. Quite a chic setting, it’s giving midtown post work drinks meets swanky Singapore bar — but I'm here for it. Don’t wear converse like I did — I stood out like a sore thumb amongst the locals in suits :) 

Clandestino 41

Kamimeguro; 1 Chome−19−4 

A cozy Italian gem in Nakameguro, Clandestino has top-notch food and an impressive wine lineup. Whether you go for pasta, pizza, or something in between, you can't go wrong. With dinner prices circling around 5000 Yen per person (wine and dolce included), it's a savory steal.

Mixology Salon

Ginza; 6 Chome−10−1

Just a five minute walk from Mori Bar Gran, this local spot is creativity in a glass, with all signature drinks using a tea base. The bartenders here are like drink architects, crafting some pretty delicious concoctions. The setting is chic yet relaxed and one you definitely can’t miss.


Shibuya; 1 Chome-14-1 

Did someone say SAKE SLUSHIES!?!?! This spot is so effing cool - casual local vibe, food to snack on and an epic sake selection.. Buri is the ultimate spot to blend fantastic flavors and a fun vibe. 🍶

The SG Club

Shibuya; 1 Chome-7-8

Tokyo's cocktail scene meets 19th-century charm. With Guzzle's laid-back vibe upstairs and the posh Sip speakeasy below, it's like having two bars in one. From the insanely delicious Aegean gimlet and Amazon to Kagoshima, they blend global inspiration with Japanese flair.